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"I am so honored that this film will be coming to the Hudson River Valley for the 1st Annual Peekskill Film Festival. This story has such a deep local connection as many of Pan Am Flight 103's victims and their families lived in the tri-state area. Bringing this film to this festival is a significant step forward to properly memorializing the unwilling sacrifice of some of our neighbors to this brutal terrorist attack. Pan Am Flight 103 has largely been forgotten by the public, and this film's goal is to help give it its proper due in the pages of history."
- Director Phil Furey

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Since: The Bombing of Pan Am Flight 203 (2015)

Saturday May 14 at 5:30
Director Phil Furey

The 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, killed 270 innocent people and began the new age of terrorism. Bound together in tragedy, the victim's relatives fought for justice, only to watch it unravel for Libyan oil.

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