Liberty Coffee House

est. 2015

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We all deserve something more than just another cup of coffee.




We make our coffee fresh all day, everyday. You'll never get yesterdays stale morning brew from us, unlike some of the other guys.

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If you're here to work, relax, gossip, meet new people, or sit in the corner by yourself it will always be relaxing. We won't rush you or get all up in your gossip. Drink coffee and relax.

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We know the best thing we can offer you is coffee better than anyone else. We take pride in our brew and pay attention to every detail. You won't get some half baked, dripping, mess of a drink from us.

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Meal # Description Price
1 Muffin and a Coffee $3.99
2 Bagel and a Coffee $4.99
3 Bacon Egg and Cheese and a Coffee $3.99
4 Donut and a Coffee $3.99
5 Buy 2 Coffees get 1 Free Free

Monday - Thursday: 7am - 9pm

Friday - Saturday: 7am - 11pm

Sunday: 10am - 8pm

100 Main St. Somecity, Somestate 11111

We're located right in the center of Main St. Come on in and try some of our fresh coffee. First time here? Ask how you can score a free coffee.

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